BBC - The Most Stressful Dinner Party in the World?
Serving up a good meal for anyone can be daunting - what to cook, how to cook, will the guests like it? But when you've got a head of state over for dinner, it's the entire world, not just you, watching for reaction to the first mouthful." ...

790 KABC - Cooking Up The Goodies . . . White House Style!
Scheib joins Tilden and Strasser for a discussion on what it’s like inside the White House Kitchen. Scheib’s book, “White House Chef: 11 Years, 2 Presidents, 1 Kitchen” is out now." ... - The Right Recipe for a White House State Dinner
Former White House chef Walter Scheib compares pulling off a State Dinner to opening a Broadway show. "There are so many non-culinary components coming into play, from fashion to art to music to glamour," he says." ...

National Public Radio - A Peek Behind The Curtain At White House State Dinners
As President and Mrs. Obama get ready to host the Chinese President for a State Dinner tonight, we ask former White House executive chef Walter Sheib what it’s like to prepare a meal that will help set the tone for relations between nations." ...
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Chicago Tribune -What's Cooking at the White House
Not long after arriving at the White House, first lady Michelle Obama led reporters and culinary students through its cramped, stainless steel kitchen, enthusing, "This is where the magic happens." ...

The Wall Street Journal - From Seasoned Chef to Storyteller
For an Obama inaugural dinner, Walter Scheib's menu might include an appetizer of spice-rubbed, smoked quail with chipotle ...

The New York Times - What's Cooking at the White House? Who's Asking?
Alice Waters, the restaurateur, and Walter Scheib, a former White House chef, have been at odds for weeks over who could or should cook for the new first family. The two reached...

The New York Times - Hail To The Chef
The long association between first ladies - or those aspiring to the role - and recipes was thrust into the headlines...

Fortune - Hillary Loves Lattes
Forget policy - food and drink may be a truer indication of how each White House wannabe would govern... - Two Meals With Walter Scheib
What would be your last meal? I probably would look at something simple, something evocative, something maybe my mother had made for me when I was younger...

The New York Times - President's Chef; Now, His Book
The first orders Walter Scheib III remembers receiving from Laura Bush's new social secretary, Lea Berman, still ring in his ears...

The Wall Street Journal - All the President's Menus
Turning Caterer, an ex-White House chef cooks... and tells.

The Washington Post - From State Dinners To Backyard Barbecues
Ex-White House Chef Walter Scheib Savors Father's Day at Home

The Philadelphia Inquirer -
New course (of action) for White House Chef

Walter Scheib served two presidential families. Now it's on to other ventures.

The Washington Post - Food Section
Coming soon to a Whole Foods Market near you: a cookbook whipped up by a former executive chef of the White House.

U.S.News and World Report - Almost Like Dining With the President by Paul Bedard
Eager to attend one of President Bush's exclusive state dinners, but unable to snag a ticket? Here's the next best thing.

Ed Levine Eats - Cast Iron Chef  by Ed Levine
I was a judge on Iron Chef a couple of days ago. The battle was between Iron Chef Cat Cora and Walter Scheib, who until recently was the White House chef.

Baltimore Sun - A Chef's Next Course by Linell Smith
Former White House chef Walter Scheib dishes - respectfully - about serving his country.

Food Arts - Former first chef cooks and tells
Anyone can be President. Or at least dine like one, now that Walter Scheib, after 11 years as the White House executive chef, has launched an event-planning business.

Capitol File - Hail to the Chef by Erin Hollaway
Eleven Years in the White House have given chef Walter Scheib plenty to tell - but he's not dishing any dirt..

The Examiner Washington - Hail to the chef by Robin Tierney
Presidental cook dishes on former employers, launches tasty new business.




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