Former President Bill Clinton and
British Prime Minister Tony Blair
with Walter Scheib

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Culinary Talks

If you are looking for someone to speak at a corporate event or a private dinner party, Walter Scheib can elevate the experience of any gathering. For eleven years, Executive Chef Walter Scheib worked out of the heart of the White House—the kitchen. Hired by Hillary Clinton to revolutionize the culinary program at the White House, Walter brought in artisanal products from all over the country, started a herb garden on the roof, and retrained the staff. As the personal chef of two first families (two terms with Clinton and one with Bush) Walter can offer a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the White House. As the Executive Chef behind some of the most memorable State Dinners (Tony Blair, Nelson Mandela) and First Lady Luncheons (Lady Diana Spencer) Walter shares his personal and professional anecdotes. His talks are tailored to each event and can include cooking demonstrations and hands-on classes. The American Chef team can recreate classic White House menus or themes such as First Lady Luncheons, Holidays at the White House, or specific State Dinners.  

Special Events

Great food and conversation with a White House flair. The American Chef™ can create functions for any size group, in any setting, ranging from a State style formal dinner and a First Lady’s lunch to a formal reception and First Family holiday. The American Chef™ is your event partner if you are looking to host a cozy dinner at home for six or an outdoor BBQ for a hundred. If arranged in advance, Walter Scheib can share with your guests personal anecdotes from his years in Washington, DC and if a White House menu has been served, he can discuss in length about the occasion for which it was originally developed.

Interactive Events

As a culinary professional for more than 20 years, Walter Scheib can teach groups both large and small. The American Chef™ program will design the culinary experience at your choice of venue. The sessions highlight quality ingredients and recipes and promote the joy of learning about cooking. Whether you are looking for someone to teach the basics, take you through creating and executing a dinner party for twenty or share with you the tips and techniques learned running the culinary program at not only the White House but also prestigious hotels throughout the country. In addition to culinary talks, The American Chef™ team can also work with you on creating team bonding and creative exercising sessions. These gatherings stress free thinking and unique solution development in a hands-on culinary setting.




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